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The Premier League top-six side net worth as ranked by Forbes magazine on their worth in U.S. dollars.

The money in football is astonishing. Whether you are looking at player wages, prize money, finances and so on. It’s the most popular sport on the planet with fans in every nation and sponsors clamour to have their brand associated with the biggest competitions and teams.

Every year Forbes generate the list of richest football clubs on the planet, and more often than not, a good chunk of them are English and we hereby look at the values of the so-called Premier League ‘big six’.


In a statement released on Wednesday, Roman Abramovich admitted he wants to sell the club.

The Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich had come under increasing fire following Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine and has confirmed that Chelsea is up for sale- slapping a £3billion asking price on the London club while also writing off the £1.5billion debt he is owed from it.

He also said that net proceeds from the sale will be donated to a charitable foundation created to benefit victims of the war in Ukraine.

Chelsea’s 18 major trophies(excluding the Community Shield-2 and UEFA Super Cup-1) are three more than any other English club has achieved since Abramovich bought the Blues. (Getty Images)

Chelsea have grown commercially since Roman Abramovich bought the club in 2003 and continue to do so. The Blues have a knack for winning trophies, even in difficult seasons, which brings in cash and makes them an attractive option for sponsors.

Forbes’ valuation of the west London club on April 2021 was $3.2billion (£2.4billion), although this was before Thomas Tuchel’s side went on to win the UEFA Champions League as well as the Club World Cup.


A turbulent period in Arsenal’s history has seen some underwhelming league finishes, but the club continue to thrive financially.

The early days of Mikel Arteta’s era have brought hope back to the Emirates Stadium after the dark days of Unai Emery with Daniel Ek has been interested in taking over Arsenal for a while now.

Over the past 12 months, Arsenal have been involved in their own takeover week with the Spotify owner Daniel Ek admitting that he was keen to buy the club from American billionaire Stan Kroenke.

The Spotify CEO said earlier in the year: “Inaccurate reports emerged today saying I have not made a bid for Arsenal Football Club. I think it is important to correct the record

“This week, an offer was made to both Josh Kroenke and their bankers that included fan ownership, representation at the board and a golden share for their supporters.

“They replied that they do not need the money. I respect their decision but remain interested and available should that situation ever change.”

Ek claimed back in May 2021 that he had lodged a bid in the region of £2billion, which was quickly rebuffed by the Kroenke family whilst Forbes value the north Londoners at $2.8billion (£2.09billion), the eighth-most valuable club in the world.

American Businessman and Billionaire, Stan Kroenke officially started owning Arsenal in 2011 after previously being a shareholder back in 2007. (Getty Images)

However, the Kroenke have since reiterated that they have no plans to sell the club and talk of Ek purchasing the club he has supported since a boy has since died down.


The Reds are ranked as the fifth most valuable team in the English top-flight by Forbes, and also the second most valuable team in England with total net worth of $4.1billion (£3.06billion).

Finally back on top of their perch, Liverpool won the Champions League in 2019 and became English champions for the first time in three decades in 2020.

Always one of the world’s richest clubs, Liverpool’s revenues have been boosted by a regular return to the Champions League under Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp’s side are owned by John W. Henry of Fenway Sports Group, who have been in charge of the club since October 2010.

Liverpool has achieved great heights of on-field success. The team had the highest number of European trophies in England. (Getty Images)


The City Group which currently holds the ownership of Manchester city was founded by Sheikh Mansour.

Sheikh Mansour has owned the reigning league champions since 2008 and has since injected huge amounts of cash in transfers to help transform the Citizens from a relegation-threatened side to the most successful side in England over the last decade.

In their 141 years of history, Manchester City have won 22 major domestic trophies with the majority of that success coming during the last 10 years.(Getty Images)

Forbes value City at $4billion (£2.98billion), the sixth-highest football club in the world, although this was before they reached May’s Champions League final and before they clinched their fifth Premier League trophy last term.


Covid-19’s impact on sport and the absence of Champions League football pushed Manchester United out of the top three earners and a Revenue fell by €131m, the most of any club,.

Still Manchester United are still the most valuable side in the Premier League and fourth in the world, according to Forbes, who value them at $4.2billion (£3.13billion) and is owned by the Glazer’s family.


Tottenham and Daniel Levy are hardly renowned for big spending. A Champions League final run made the club a lot of money, though, and the Premier League’s monster TV deal sneaks them into the top 10 of revenue in world football according to Forbes, who rank them at 10th in their overall list, listing them at $2.3billion (£1.72billion) in 2021.

 Spurs generated $31 million more than Serie A champions Juventus and over $100 million more than Borussia Dortmund. (Getty) 

Spurs spent big on their new stadium, a state-of-the-art dual-purpose venue up there with the best in the world.

Like most clubs on this list, the Lillywhites faithful have also become disillusioned with the ENIC Group and chairman Daniel Levy, although the club’s board declined a request from the Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust for a meeting where they were hoping to discuss the club’s long-term strategy back in October 2021.

“The Club Board has refused to communicate, despite saying in public that its door remains open. Now our latest request for the Club’s Board to address legitimate fan concerns has been rejected,” the Trust said.

Below is the full list of Top 10 Richest Premier League Football Clubs according to Forbes.

Top 10 Richest Football Clubs in England 2022

  1. Manchester United Football Club. Net Worth 2022– £4.25 billion.
  2. Liverpool Football Club. Net Worth 2022 – £4.13 billion.
  3. Manchester City Football Club. Net Worth 2022 – £4 billion.
  4. Chelsea Football Club. Net Worth 2022 – £3.3 billion.
  5. Arsenal Football Club. Net Worth 2022 – £2.9 billion.
  6. Tottenham Hotspurs. Net Worth 2022 – £2.3 billion.
  7. Everton Football Club. Net Worth 2022 – £659 billion.
  8. West Ham. Net Worth 2022 – £508 million.
  9. Leicester City. Net Worth 2022 – £455 million. And finally
  10. Aston Villa. Net Worth 2022 – £400 million.