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Premier League make major Covid-19 decision that affects Tottenham, Arsenal and the rest of Premiership Clubs


Premier League make major Covid-19 decision that affects Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham and the rest of Premiership Clubs. 

The Premier League has confirmed that “a number” of its emergency Covid-19 measures will be removed from Friday, February 11.

The Premier League is finally on the road to normality following talks aimed at moving English football out of the Covid era on Thursday.

Since “Project Restart” in the middle of 2020, there have been strict Covid-related rules for supporters, players and staff to all follow at stadiums around the UK.

These rules include testing on a frequent basis, zone segregation, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and also restrictions for media activities.

After the ‘second wave’ of coronavirus hit the UK, the rules were ramped down somewhat.

However, with the Omicron variant of the virus having a huge impact on the country around Christmas time, the rules were once again made stricter to try and combat the spread of the virus.

Boris Johnson announced earlier in the week that the UK plans to end all Covid restrictions by the end of February and it now seems as if the Premier League is following suit.

A statement from the Premier League said: “At today’s Premier League Shareholders’ meeting, it was decided to remove a number of the COVID-19 Emergency Measures from Friday, 11 February.

While the requirement to ensure social distancing indoors is maintained, restrictions such as wearing face coverings in indoor areas and limiting treatment time will be removed.

Lateral flow testing for players and relevant club staff will revert to twice weekly from Monday, 14 February.

The Premier League’s COVID-19 Emergency Measures remain under regular review, with the aim of them expiring at the end of this month.”

This of course impacts North London duo Arsenal, Tottenham and the rest of the Premiership as things look to be taking a step closer to what is known as normality.

While the Premier League say “a number” of its emergency measures will be removed later this week, the governing body also states its plan to have all restrictions lifted by the end of February.

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