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The Premier League are set to introduce water break for all domestic matches this weekend due to England experiencing very hot temperatures.

Rotherham players during a water break in the Carabao Cup First Round against Port Vale. (Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

The Clubs raised concerns on Wednesday following MET Office four-day weather warning throughout parts of England and Wales for ‘extreme heat, with temperatures set to reach a scorching 33 Celsius (91F) in the capital on Saturday and Sunday.

“The heat will always have a bearing on the intensity of the game and the importance on keeping possession of the ball is greater,” said Leicester City boss Brendan Rodgers on Thursday.

“Over the course of 90 minutes, it does have an impact, but you have to deal with these situations when they arise.”

Currently, clubs have to contact the Premier League’s match centre to obtain permission, and show evidence that the temperature is high enough to warrant intervals.

Premier league water break

 David Moyes and West Ham players during a water break against Manchester City. (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

A break was called in Sunday’s Premier League match between West Ham and Manchester City while evening games in the Carabao Cup first round earlier this week – including Coventry v Bristol City – also featured water breaks.

Acccording to a recent report from the Daily Mail, The Premier League will allow players In the top flights to take breaks throughout their games to take on board some much-needed water.

Premier League water break.

Premier league water break

Mandatory one-minute drink breaks in each half were introduced by the top flight after a three-month absence to try to reduce injury risk during the hectic fixture schedule and scramble to get the 2019-20 season – interrupted by the initial Covid outbreak – finished.

Premier league water break

But they were not brought back in when the following season kicked off in September.


According to some of the BBC’s current weather forecasts, the area of Fulham in London, where Chelsea set to host London rivals Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday, is expected to reach highs of 33 degrees Celcius..

Given the sky-high temperatures, the Premier League must be applauded for their quick and decisive decision to look after the players’ health.

If you’re a fan and you are planning to attend a stadium this weekend, please remember to use sun cream, wear appropriate clothing and keep fully hydrated.

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